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Our beautiful horses

Underbara hästar

The beautiful horses we ride on our riding trips are crosses between Berber and Arabian horses. Strong, hardy and kind, fast and incredibly beautiful to look at. They are all stallions, which is why you have to be a little observant when riding, keep your distance, and think about the crew both in front and behind. 
My contacts in Morocco take very good care of the horses, very well managed and used to just about everything - all kinds of vehicles, cars, motorbikes, camels, quads, kites and dogs, goats and cows. You are expected to take care of your horse a little during the day, make sure it feels good, brush, saddle and bridle.

Galoppera på stranden
Soluppgång med hästar som sällskap

My guides have been working with horses for many years, some have also appeared in several films, including Game of Thrones and Far from Men.

They are often good at voltige, have had many shows and can teach horses most things and are also real horse whisperers.

They always make us feel well taken care of safe and happy.

Underbara häst
Genom dynerna till häst
Ridning i Sahara

Don't miss the chance to lose yourself in the magic of the Sahara desert on horseback and create memories for a lifetime.

Book your trip and let the adventure begin!

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