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FAQ: S - questions and answers

Where in Morocco should I go? Is the ticket included?

We meet in Marrakech or Agadir depending on trip.You purchase the airfare yourself but let me know if you need assistance and I will help with the booking.  

What language is spoken in Morocco?

They speak Darija, an Arabic dialect, and various Berber languages. Some also speak French, Spanish and English. We usually manage well with English.  


How is the security  in Morocco?

Morocco is characterized by calm and stability and Morocco  depend a lot on the tourism industry. They of course want the best for tourists and I have always felt safe in Morocco. During the trips we also always have Moroccans accompanying  us, guides and drivers.  


What is the temperature?

My experience is that during the dates when the trips usually take place, it is quite pleasant, not too hot or too cold. At night and in the morning it can be a bit chilly. It is good to bring sunscreen and a wind proof jacket.

What is the currency used in Morocco?

The currency is dirham and  a hundred dirham is about as much as hundred Swedish krona or 9 US dollars. 


Can you pay by card in Morocco?

In some places you can, but almost always  cash is used.  It is possible to exchange cash at the airport or at the exchange office in Marrakech. There are also ATMs in Marrakech where you can withdraw money. Check with your bank how high the withdrawal fee is.  


Do you have to pay tips?

The system of tips is very widespread in Morocco and salaries can not be compared with those we have in Europe or other Western countries. If you eat out, round off or add about 10%. Give the driver who drove on you for a day a hundred dirhams and the girl who massaged you maybe 50 dirhams. It is of course voluntary but something we should do.  


How to get from the airport to the destination?

I will meet you and pick you up by car or you will be picked up by a driver with your name on a sign.  


Is it common to get a stomach problems?

Some travelers have been unlucky enough to get sick, but is is not very common. What you can do is to prepare beforehand with lactic acid tablets, but also on site to think about washing your hands etc.  


Do you have to do yoga?

Yoga is of course voluntary, but I think it contributes to an even deeper experience of the fantastic experience of being in Morocco.  


What kind of yoga is it?

Kundalini yoga and yin yoga and sometimes a mix of the two. Meditation, relaxation and rest are always included in the yoga sessions.  


Do you have to know how to do yoga beforehand?

No, yoga is for everyone and you always do yoga according to your own ability, your own body and at your own pace.   


How do you sleep during the riding trips?

We sleep on real mattresses in large tents, with room for several people. If you need your own tent, it is usually possible to solve. You may need to bring a sleeping bag.  


Can you take a shower on the riding trips?

You can take a so-called Berber shower, you get at pot of hot and cold water that you mix and pour over yourself with a scoop inside a small tent, but if we sleep in a riad, which we sometimes do, it is of course possible to take a shower.  


How do you go to the toilet on the riding trips?

Most of the time you find a place somewhere in nature or you set up a small tent, make a hole in the ground and a box with a toilet seat, where you do what you need and then  put on some sawdust. 


What is the level of horseback riding? 

You should master all gaits, and be able to take care of the horse a bit, brush, saddle, bridle, but you don't have to be a very skilled or experienced rider, but  som experience is required. For some trips you also have to be able to spend many hours in the saddle. 


What do you do with the luggage while riding?

On the trips, we are met at the camp by the chef and he has our luggage. It is often possible to leave larger suitcases at the hotel in Marrakech, but what you need during the ride we get access to in the evening. When you ride, you only need to bring what you want, maybe your  phone and other personal items.


Can you use the internet during the riding trips?

There is usually wi-di in hotels and riads but when camping it is sometimes possible to borrow some internet from the guides You can also buy a Moroccan sim-card


How are the horses? 

The horses are well taken care of by my contacts in Morocco, every day a check is made, legs, shoes and so on. The horses are my contacts' livelihood, so they are well cared for in every way.  


What do I need to bring with me on the riding trips?

A packing list is sent out before each trip. 


Morocco is chaos at times - but remember to travel with an open mind and be open to the fact that things don't always turn out as planned. It can be nice to let go of control sometimes and just be,  and just follow along with what is happening. 

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