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My name is Sofia, I'm from Värmland, Sweden and I've been traveling to Morocco many years and I've been living here now for a little over a year. I just love the country - the pleasant climate, the animals, the nature, the culture and the friendly people.


For a few years, I have organized trips to Morocco and I am so happy and grateful for all the experiences and  encounters with the locals and my travelers.

Upplev sagolika Sahara

Join us on an unforgettable journey

I arrange horse riding trips and yoga retreats along the Atlantic coast and in the Sahara desert- fantastic experiences in magnificent natural scenery. Beautiful, safe horses, and we sleep under the stars, in a tent or at a riad. 

Yoga is always offered for those who wish to join. 


Have a look at "Our trips" for further information about each individual trip.  

More about Sofia

I am a teacher, masseuse, yoga teacher and pedicurist and I have always been interested in different countries, languages and cultures. In Morocco I also have "my own family" that I visit regularly and always keep in touch with. I speak French and Arabic which are the main languages in the country.​

I try to contribute where I can and I always encourage my travelers to do so as well. I had a small project in an orphanage regarding dental care and I have also been volunteering teaching English in English Street Class where English classes are given for free. 


I welcome you to join me  and experience this beautiful country - I hope to see you in Morocco soon! 

Bekanta dig med kamelerna - öknens skepp

Together we create memories for life!

Sofia Hultin

Sofia Travels

Do you want to ride but your partner/friend doesn't want to or can't? 

No problem - he or she can ride a quad bike instead and meet us at the picnic lunch and the evening camp, but you have to be at least two people.

Do you and a group of friends want to have your own tailor-made trip?

Hiking, yoga or horseback riding? You are welcome to contact me and I can arrange a trip just for you.

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